Client Testimonials

“I was arrested for allegations of possession of a deadly weapon. Since I had prior criminal convictions I was concerned about facing significant jail time. I was referred to Attorney Christopher Lee from a family member.  Christopher treated me with great respect and was very knowledgeable.  Christopher returned all my phone calls and emails and explained how he planned to defend my case. Mr. Lee was able to help me avoid jail time completely.  I was very fortunate to have been referred to Mr. Lee. Without him, I would likely have been sent to jail.”


“I was arrested and  charged with felony assault likely to produce great bodily injury. I was faced with a felony strike and looking at seven years in prison. As the sole provider for my family, going to prison was not an option.  I knew I needed an experienced attorney to fight on my behalf. I hired Attorney Christopher Lee and he quickly got to work on my case.  Mr. Lee stayed in touch with my family and updated them daily on my case as I was stuck in custody. Christopher visited me often and explained my defenses and answered all my questions. Christopher did an excellent job in investigating my case and defending me. Christopher was able to convince the district attorney to not seek a prison sentence. Instead, I received a probationary sentence and I was released immediately from custody. Due to Christopher’s hard work, I was able to avoid prison time and be reunited with my family.”


“I made a mistake by vandalizing someone’s home and was charged with misdemeanor vandalism. I had recently graduated from high school and have never been in trouble with the law. I was scared that my entire life and future career goals were in jeopardy. I contacted Attorney Christopher Lee who got my entire case dismissed. Mr. Lee was able to answer all my questions and minimized my concerns. Mr. Due to my vandalism charge, I was also facing a mandatory one-year license suspension if I was found guilty. As a result or Mr. Lee’s hard work all I had to do was complete community service. I never lose my license and my criminal record remained clean.  I was very happy with the result and fortunate to have an attorney who understood my concerns.”