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Truck Accidents

Accidents involving large commercial trucks are not the same as accidents between regular sized automobiles, even in low speed and low impact collisions. Accidents with large 18-wheelers and other commercial trucks frequently result in significant injuries and damages, especially to pedestrians, bicyclists, and occupants of smaller vehicles involved in the accident.

The lawyers at Christopher Lee Law Firm, have more than 20 years of experience representing those who have been injured or have lost loved ones in truck accidents. We are committed to helping our clients recover compensation for their losses and holding responsible parties accountable for their negligent and reckless actions.

Our Fullerton Truck Accident Practice

  • Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to take on truck drivers and manufacturers, trucking companies, and their insurance companies. We will thoroughly investigate your accident and collect critical trucking data and information to help prove your claim.
  • We understand the challenges our clients face when trying to recover after a truck accident. Our attorneys are compassionate and aggressive advocates for our injured clients. We will be there to keep you informed and answer your questions during every step of the legal process.
  • Unlike other law firms, we do not take your case with the goal of reaching a quick settlement agreement. Our goal is to maximize your compensation, and that can take time and significant effort on our part. We work as a team on our personal injury cases, and we are not afraid to take your case to trial if it is in your best interests.

Trucking Regulations and Requirements

As mentioned above, the trucking industry is heavily regulated by state and federal governments. These regulations are meant to ensure safe trucking operations to protect truck drivers and everyone who shares the road with them. Regulations and requirements limit the number of consecutive hours and days truck operators can drive without a break. Other trucking rules include regular truck maintenance, vehicle safety features, and cargo loading and securing requirements.

The trucking industry is in the business of making money. The more cargo they can deliver as quickly as possible, the more they see their profits increase. Unfortunately, when trucking companies and their drivers are focused on profits, they frequently cut corners when it comes to regulations and requirements. As a result, accidents and injuries often occur that could have been avoided had they complied with state and federal laws.

Compensation for Your Injuries and Damages

Personal injury compensation in truck accident cases generally goes well beyond medical bills and lost wages. Our attorneys understand the losses and challenges that our clients experience in the aftermath of a truck accident. As mentioned above, our goal is to maximize our clients’ compensation in every case we take on. We carefully calculate our clients’ injuries and damages so that we only agree to a settlement that provides full and fair compensation.

Contact Our Fullerton Truck Accident Attorneys

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