Riverside Juvenile Dependency Attorneys

Our experienced dependency attorneys have developed a reputation in Riverside as zealous, aggressive advocates for our clients—a reputation that better allows us to deliver extraordinary victories to our clients undergoing the Dependency process.

For any parent that is facing accusations of child abuse or child neglect, we understand that it is an overwhelming and frightening experience. Time is of the essence and your story needs to be told. Let our Riverside Dependency / CPS Defense Attorney team tell your story and fight for you. Our dependency lawyers have a reputation for being aggressive and fierce in the courtrooms. Coupled with over 150 dependency cases under our attorney’s belt, this reputation allows us to deliver extraordinary results to our clients.

Our goal with every single dependency case is the same: to fight for you and your family. We will go the greatest lengths to defend your rights against accusations of child abuse/neglect and to retain/regain full legal custody of your child. Our firm truly believes there is no case too big or too small. While our goals which each dependency case is the same, the strategies involved to achieve that goal, however, will vary depending on the severity of the allegations against you. It is important that the attorney on your side is not only well-versed in the law but also committed to your case, but to you and your family as well. Our Riverside dependency lawyer team will navigate you through this process and advocate for you fearlessly to unite your family.

What is a “dependency” case?

In California, a dependency case is created once a parent or legal guardian of a child is accused by the government of child abuse/neglect. These allegations typically arise after someone has witnessed what they believed was child abuse/neglect and report it to a government agency (i.e. 911, Department of Social Services, local police departments). Once reported, the Department of Social Services opens a formal investigation, sending social workers to the home of the child to determine the circumstances surrounding the alleged child abuse/neglect. These investigations will often include interviews with both parents (or guardian) and with the child.

Once the Department of Social Services in Riverside conducts their investigation, they will decide whether the child needs to be removed from the home, effectively making them a dependent of the court.

Can a dependency case be filed against me?

Under Welfare and Institutions Code 300, a child can be made a dependent of the court under any of the following circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • The child suffered serious physical harm or was/is at risk of suffering serious physical harm

  • The child suffered serious physical harm or illness, or there was substantial risk that the child suffered serious physical harm or illness, due to inadequate supervision or due to willful neglect to provide the child with food, clothing, shelter or medical treatment.

  • The child suffered, or is at risk of suffering, serious emotional damage due to lack of appropriate care from parents or guardian.

  • The child was, or is at risk of being sexually abused.

  • The parent/guardian knew the child was becoming sexually abused and failed to act to stop it.

  • The child under the age of five suffered severe physical abuse by either the parent/guardian or by any other person the parent knew or should have known was abusing the child.

  • The parent/guardian caused the death of another child through abuse or neglect.

  • The child was left alone without proper means of support.

What can happen to my child while dependency proceedings are going on?

While dependency proceedings are going on, where your child is situated depends on what the court believes is the best situation for the child. In certain cases, depending on the severity of the allegations against the parent/guardian, this could mean your child would be placed in a group home or foster care while proceedings are ongoing. In cases where the allegations are deemed less severe by the courts, your child could be allowed to live with a close family member. In other cases, your child may also be allowed to live in home with the parent and guardian— but will heavy supervision.

At Abuershaid Lee and Le, Trial Lawyers APC, the goal of our dependency/CPS defense attorney team in every one of our dependency cases is to fight to make sure the family unit is intact as much as possible.